Acqua&Vento (3/3)

It was around the beginning of July that, after a brainstorming among the best (?) minds of the KCK, a perfect name for this seminar finally came out.

We believed it were important to provide a name to the event, because names are given to something you can care of. And us, we really care of Acqua&Vento. Even before it was born.

We’d also like it stayed a little longer in your hearts, in addition to your muscles (but there it’ll fade away soon, with lactic acid).

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Takudai Seminar 2019 (the afterhour)

The good news is that all of us came back safely, nobody got lost in the Black Forest, or amidst the Swiss Alps (despite thick fog and heavy showers tried to make us lose our way). Even Marco came back to his cosy Swedish house, just in time to enjoy some fading sunlight, before sinking again in the deep darkness of northern winter.

The bad news is that the Takudai Seminar 2019 was… well, quite disappointing. Maybe because we had high expectations? Mmmh, maybe…

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DESIO SPORT FESTIVAL 2019: a seminar with Didier Lupo

In September, on the 13-14-15th, during the Desio Sport Festival (which is now at the fifth edition), the executive committee Desio&Sport invited (ehm, well, it was its veeeery-insisting- member-Roberto-Colombo’s fault, do you know him?) the French sensei Didier Lupo, for a seminar open to all martial arts’ practitioners.

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