Self defense course (personal & free)

Ok, here we are: it’s gonna start on Tuesday, April 9th.

Our 2019 self-defense course, that we named Aware Self-Defense, organized with the fundamental help of Elisabetta Baldin (from Easyvolley), has already got a fair amount of subscriptions (well, all of them are women!)

Guys, did you know it’s also open to men?

Will it be hard? Shall we become perfect war machines? What shall we do, exactly?

Easy!, nothing like G.I. Jane training:

Rather, we’ll begin with working out on our “softness” than our “hardness”.

All of this will happen every Tuesday (until June 11th), from 9:00pm to 10:30pm, in the gym of “G. Rodari” Middle High School (piazza Nenni 1, in Desio).

See you soon!

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