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Self defense course (personal & free)

Ok, here we are: it’s gonna start on Tuesday, April 9th.

Our 2019 self-defense course, that we named Aware Self-Defense, organized with the fundamental help of Elisabetta Baldin (from Easyvolley), has already got a fair amount of subscriptions (well, all of them are women!)

Guys, did you know it’s also open to men?

Will it be hard? Shall we become perfect war machines? What shall we do, exactly?

Easy!, nothing like G.I. Jane training:

Rather, we’ll begin with working out on our “softness” than our “hardness”.

All of this will happen every Tuesday (until June 11th), from 9:00pm to 10:30pm, in the gym of “G. Rodari” Middle High School (piazza Nenni 1, in Desio).

See you soon!

La Garissima di Cermenate

Next Sunday, on March 10th, our guys will take part in the 18th Karate Trophy, in Cermenate. The hosts are our friends of A.S. Karate Uyeshiba Shotokan-do.

For our guys, it’ll be a brand new experience: none of them, in facts, ever got on a tatami during a contest. They’ll have to face not only other skilled opponents, but most of all themselves: they’ll have to overcome their fear and focus on their own katas. Furthermore, it’ll be only the first step!

What can we say other than BREAK A LEG!? (well, not literally!)

EducaJudo Lab

What does it happen when two karate teachers drive until Verona to attend a workshop organized by EducaJudo (i.e. it is JUDO!)?

Well, this was the question we left with, in that freezing saturday morning.

Anyhow, as often occurs, one shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, or a person by his clothes, or… well, you got the point, didn’t you?

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Hello, salute

Since New Year has begun and we want to welcome it, I choose the salute as the topic of this post. Of course salute in martial arts: this is a karate-do website. It’d be weird to find something else, like as an article about the 100 most healthy recipes, wouldn’t it?

Ok, the starting point is a good place for a confession…

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