Line up!

Our classes will start on Monday 6th Sep!
As it’s customary, a week earlier than schools’ start, so takin’ advantage for preparation…

Here we are again, after a summer made of bouts of sport and cheerful (?) holidays.

Even this year, we’re up to get back in line, after a past season made of lockdowns and new anti-Covid measures. Who knows what’s waiting for us… Luckily, our core has always been present (both among kids and adults), even in the scorching hot month of July!

We hope for best, then, because we’ll be off like a shot with the Acqua&Vento seminar on Sep 18-19th (very close indeed!).

It is a matter of few weeks and we’ll have to deal with the new anti-Covid protocols (quite similar to the old ones), but for the present our ace will only be the Greenpass.


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