Who is sensei?

Sensei is who values his own pupils before himself,
giving up pride and deploring jealousy,

in order that they learn to equate and exceed him,

without ever abandon his teachings.

Roberto Colombo

(head manager, IV dan)

Begins karate practice in 1982, with satisfactory sport results. After few years, he’s appointed to his first teaching role.

In 1991 degrees with the qualification of “Professional Qualification for teaching Self-Defense, Karate-do specialization”, as issued by Lombardy Government Office for Education.

His passion has guided him in the constant quest for a high-quality karate-do, even through classes and seminars with the most renowned karate masters, such as: Taiji Kase, Yoshiaru Osaka, Yasunari Ishimi, Zenei Oshiro, Masaru Miura, Shiro Asano, Akio Nagai, Shinji Akita, Tatsuya Naka, Manabu Murakami; then: Roberto Fassi, Ilija Jorga, Seied Jamalladin Nekoofar, Nando Balzarro, Alessandro Febbo, Didier Lupo.

Marco Lorenzi

(teacher, III dan)

Grown up within the KCK Desio since child age, he widened his knowledge joining also other martial arts, such as Muay-Thai. At the same time, he practiced weightlifting, improving his skills and notions about the neuromuscular system.

Doctor in Biotechnologies, he’s been currently “borrowed” by the Uppsala University (Sweden), as a researcher in Molecular Biomimetics.

Riccardo Bruno

(teacher – and webmaster, III dan)

After refusing a future in football, he hung up the shoes to offer himself body and soul to martial arts. Following our motto, for twenty years he’s been shaping and refining his technique on the tatami. Physicist for passion, writer for vocation, he appears as long-life student also in Budō, practicing aikidō and kenjutsu beside karate-dō. Over time, Riccardo became a pillar of this school, assuming greater and greater responsibilities with dedication and competence.

(this bio was not written, nor AUTHORIZED by  the webmaster^^ )