Self-defense classes

What is self-defense?

We believe is something more than a simple “punching”. If you fancy that, we suggest to take a boxing class: surely it’ll be more effective. On the contrary, we think that self-defense as a discipline is deeply connected to a strong self-perception, so to acknowledges our owns frailties far before than our mights. Only with a good knowledge of our limits, only growing a deep self-consciousness, self-improving and self-defense will be possible.

Okay, but what we actually do?

We’ll practice, under the guidance of teachers. The practice space is a martial arts’ tatami (that is a floor-mat). Classes last about one hour and consist of a mix of explanations, demonstrations and physical exercises: in fact, we believe that it is momentous to know by heart movements and techniques, so that they can be carried out instinctively.

Should I be already skilled in self-defense?

No, specific skills are not required, not even athletic capabilities. It’s not even necessary to be trained in martial arts or fighting, because we begin from fundamentals. We stress a lot on basics, as we believe they’re the most important thing. They’re fundamental, as to say.

What is this course’s purpose?

First of all, our purpose is to learn to know and evaluate one’s own capabilities and limits, which, quite often, are not what we’ve always thought. It is crucial to develop and control our natural reactions, an inborn defense mechanism, which we all have. Even running away is an innate mechanism, and it is perhaps the best self-defense…

Under teachers’ guidance, you’ll learn some techniques which are effective and (as much as possible) not-violent. In facts, we don’t rely on violence as a way to set things up, on the contrary we strongly believe that an integer smile be better than a broken one.

Self-confidence can’t be got in one day, thus one learns how to manage an emotionally stressing situation, maybe due to pressure or panic. At least, it’s what we wish.

Being aware of the world we live in is another thing: there are laws about self-defense which should be known and understood. Moreover, one should know how to avoid dangerous places and situations.

Since self-defense is first of all interaction with other people, it is better to learn how to communicate with people, how to quiet them, showing ourselves calm and rational, both by talking and body-language.

What will I need for practice?

Essentially, your will.

More specifically, comfortable outfit like gym outfit.

We teachers will take care of the remaining…

Please write to info @ for info about classes’ days and hours.