Takudai Seminar 2019

One year later, after the successful experience of last seminar, a bigger (in number) KCK delegation will spend Halloween in the German lands, participating the 2019 edition of Takudai Seminar.

The senseis are all first class: Shiro Asano, Masaru Miura, Akio Nagai, Tatsuya Naka, Shinji Akita, Manabu Murakami and Kaori Watanabe.

So, we’ll answer with our best athletes: just think that even beloved sensei Marco will reach Munich from Sweden (of course if he’s still fitted for his karate-gi!)

Departure is scheduled on Friday, last day of October. What is waiting for us will be an intensive three-days of karate, hard-sweat training, italo-nippo-english conversation, beer and sausages!

Stay tuned!

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