Desio Sport Festival 2018

Official booklet/poster of Desio Sport Festival 2018

For the very first time on a three-days event, 14-15-16 Sep, at the Desio Sport Festival many sport clubs have displayed their beautiful stands, setting up exhibitions and trials for any visitors who wanted to give it a chance.

Our little stand for 2018.

Since we are among promoters, our stand was a… must-be-there. We even collected a little success, especially thanks to the (dead-tiring) work of our Andrea, Roberto and Riccardo, always busy to make children and kids taste the… tatami.

Karateka on the ground: “I surrender!” Children standing: “NOT ENOUGH!”

At the “accueil”, our Diana gave informations to the visiting people, not even backing from on-the-fly portraits, cartoons, or simple (just a speech figure for whom, like me, can’t even draw an apple!) draws about martial arts’ world.

But it was thanks to our associates that things turned (really) great: first with the Walk for Inclusion, and then with the public training on the tatami in the very centre of the festival. Both kids and adults showed what doing karate really means: not only hard work and training, but most of all smile and amusement.

Is there any better propaganda?

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